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Welcome to Lakehouse Studio

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Lakehouse Studio is located in the secluded location with an amazing, peaceful view and scenery and helpful, friendly hosts.”

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We established the accommodation at the Lakehouse Studio in 2017 to provide travellers with a quiet and relaxing interlude, at a fair cost, far from the madding crowd.

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We do our best to give a friendly and helpful time to our International and Kiwi guests.

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Room rate from 1st September - 30th April $120/night. From 1st May - 31st August $105/night.

IMPORTANT- Contact us directly for room availability
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Painting Sculpture Drawing/Illustration


Bruce MacGregor

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Interior Design, Sculpture, Furniture Design

I have been drawing and painting from memory since I was four years old. My father taught me to draw as a tool to learn reading and writing. I have experimented with all manners of paints, dyes, stains, other mediums, metal and timber looking for ways to express my experiences of life and the world. Hence line, colour, texture, abstraction and sculpture are all tools for my creative expression. I am largely self taught but where needed, as with my print making, I am grateful for the sharing of technique and knowledge of Perry Davies, and more recently, Dan Weldon at the University of Long Island, New York at a Masters in Art workshop.

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Art Work

Rangitoto, mixed media on canvas 150cm x 90cm
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Moonscape 2 oil on canvas 90cm x90cm
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stay at Lakehouse Studio

If you would like to discover the area, snorkelling and cycling are possible in the surroundings.

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From our own travel experience we always enjoyed and remembered the times when personal contact was made and local information and stories were swapped. Being interested in art and sculpture and being creative people our selves we sort to combine that and share with our guests


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You can use the Special Requests box when booking, or contact the property directly with the contact details provided in your confirmation.

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What people say

The unit is setup with almost everything you may need. We really liked that the unit was well equipped. The setting or location along the lake was very relaxing.


Lovely little studio, separate access which is great. Beautiful and quirky! Lovely hosts who are there when you need them and know when you want your own time. Perfect


A really beautiful spot with friendly hosts, it is a nice and tidy studio for a relaxing night or two, we enjoyed our time away here.”